Several studies have revealed that companies lose millions of Euros each year as a result of spelling and grammatical errors. This is testimony to the importance of the care needed in producing your communication tools such as brochures, publications, websites etc. A lack of grammatical or vocabulary skills can prove fatal to your company's image and have a negative impact on your turnover.

External review

How do you explain that you missed the past participle agreement, even though you reread your text five times? When you read the brain 'photographs' written text in groups of words. As a result if two letters are transposed or an ending is missing this can easily escape your attention. Today's spell check tools are relatively reliable but can in no way supersede the value of an objective and external human reviser to pinpoint any errors.

Dedicate your resources to your core activities

Perhaps you entrust someone in your company with proofreading your texts because he/she is a skilled writer or has a proficient command of the language concerned. However revising texts is generally not part of her main job. Free up your internal resources so they can focus on the activities that add value to your business. And entrust Alalettre with the revision of your texts, to check the spelling, grammar and typography in your documents.